I’ve had a few difficulties trying to set up the installation for assessment. For most of the morning I spent preparing the space, mainly sanding and painting the walls which hadn’t been done from previous installations. I’ve also had issues with playing the video through the media box. I made copies of the film in different formats but none of them would play. I figured it was due to the shape of the frame in the video so I tried altering it but it made no difference. I remembered that previously I had tried downloading my own videos from youtube and that had worked, so I tried it again at the detriment to the quality of the file. It worked but now the size of the video was a lot smaller than intended. IMG_9994

After trying for hours to get a file that would play a larger size, i decided that it wasn’t going to happen and to accept the smaller size. I moved the sheet into the middle of the booth so that it felt more aligned.

Overall I’m disappointed with my final outcome. I didn’t give myself enough time to play with the fabric itself and to explore latex more as a medium. I’m still interested in the idea of using it as a screen but I don’t think what I’ve done is very effective. I actually quite like the video but I haven’t been able to display it properly.


Process of casting a larger sheet.

I started by taping together sheets of tinfoil to make the base, trying to tape the edges as closely together to get a cleaner peel than my last sheet. I then crumpled the foil to make the skin like effect and poured. I used two litres of latex, with varying mixtures of blue, red and pink acrylic to give it some colouring. It took about a day and a half to dry completely. As some parts took longer to dry than others I thought I would get ahead of the game a powder the majority of the sheet. However this was not wise as the falcon soaked into the damp patches, making odd scuffs in the middle of the sheet.

It took about two and a half hours to peel and powder the whole thing. Some of the crumpled were too large so there are a few cracks in the sheet where the latex was not strong enough.


I’ve been considering the video that I’m going to present on the latex. The video I have been using to practice with the latex is plain bodies¬†which I’ve been thinking would be the basis for my final video. However I question wether the video should be explicitly about touching and interaction. I’ve gotten over the need to have audio or text in the video and to trust the visuals more but I don’t know how far the trust can go.

I’ve started to think of the latex as a sort of barrier between the viewer and happiness. That skin is just a barrier for the energy inside us to connect with another. I don’t know how cringey that sounds. So I’ve made this video with, again, found footage which had the tags “happy”. A lot of the content was related to water and the sea, something I had thought of in my development.

This is just an a experiment just now but I don’t think I’ll pursue this exact style, might try video with less people in them to get more of a calming sense.


failure FAILURE

I had an idea to project on the latex from above and I was pretty certain this was going to be the final version, at least for ESW. However I hadn’t thought a lot of the logistics through. The issue is trying to hold the projector up above the fabric, sturdy enough and far away enough that the projections large enough. I first got the short throw projector which will project much larger than other projectors. As I started to work everything out, after a false start without measuring, I realised it would too complicated for the deadline of assessment. First would be creating a cradle for the projector, however there’s a sensor on the front that when covered turns the video off which affects where it can be held. Also I don’t think the height of the booth cieling is enough for the projector and it’s cables to hang AND project large enough onto the fabric AND be high enough that people can stand underneath.

I like this idea and wish I could at least make it work but for just now I’mm work with having the latex hang vertically.